Monday, December 4, 2017

Three Months

This month has been pretty eventful! She laughed for the first time just a couple days after she hit the 2-month mark (11/4), and she's been doing so more and more! A lot more talking and babbling as well.

She also went on her first airplane ride and was a champ. We went to visit Amanda and her fam in Portland since Colby had a business trip there. The flight there, she slept basically the whole time. She slept a lot of the way back, but also had a major blowout that Colby and I were frantically trying to clean up in the dark while shoving her diaper, wipes, and dirty clothes in air sickness bags. I'm not sure what I would have done if Colby wasn't there!

Up until and during the trip, she had been sleeping about 5-6 hours each night, but ever since we got back she has been struggling and waking up every couple hours again. The other night she was wide awake from 10pm-4:30 am, and the next night until 3:30 am. It's awesome.

She's wearing mostly 0-3, 3, and even some 3-6 month clothes. It makes me so sad she doesn't fit in newborn clothes and there are some still in her drawer because I can't face reality.

We finally got her to actually smile for some pictures!

they planned this^^^

Likes: She loves the swing probably a little too much now, which might be why she struggles to sleep in her bed. It's just so darn convenient though. Sometimes she cries at first when she's super tired, but within a few minutes she's gone. She's started enjoying her play mat, and loves being held or doing anything but lying down. She loves sitting up with help (obviously) and sitting in the bumbo.

Dislikes: Not a huge fan of tunny time, but she's extremely close to rolling over! I'd say it will happen within a couple weeks. Still haaates the car seat most of the time, but white noise helps calm her down a lot of the time luckily.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Two Months

It's weird how fast and slow time goes with a baby. It's already been two months (It's only been two months?) and we love this sweet girl more everyday. This month, she went on her first trip to Disneyland and was actually really good on the car ride, aside from a few collective hours. She was also really good in the parks, but taking a baby to Disney is not easy! She probably won't go again for a while.

It was the week we went to California that she started to smile a lot more, mostly when she wakes up. I don't get it. It's been really fun being able to interact with her more and listen to her start talking.

While we were in California, she had her first long stretch of sleep after a day with little sleep. She went about 6 hours! Since then, most nights she goes at least 5, with her longest being about 7. I don't feel like I can count on anything at this point, but it has been really nice!

She was a witch for Halloween at Dez's request, but also wore a dragon and bear outfit depending on the situation. Actual trick-or-treating didn't go very well for her, mostly because I think she was cold, despite being bundled up.

At her 2-month appointment, she was 11 lbs 11 oz (59%) and 23.75 inches (94%). Her head was 40.4 cm (96%!). She also cried so hard for her shots she didn't even make noise and her face was so red. It was so sad! I'm not used to having a child that cries for shots. Dez just spoiled me bad. (Side note: he got a flu shot at the same appointment and continued his non-crying streak even though he was a little scared. He rocks.)

She has grown out of most her newborn clothes and now wears some 0-3 and 3-month clothes and size 1 diapers.

She smiles a lot now, but of course we couldn't get her to smile for any pictures, much less look at the camera.

Likes: We've made progress with the swing this month and she likes it a whole lot more now. If we put her in sleepy. she'll sleep for a few hours in there! She also likes when we pretend to pick her nose, and that's when she gives the biggest smiles.

Dislikes: Her car seat is her biggest dislike right now. I dread going anywhere because she cries and screams about 90% of the time. Sometimes she's fine as long as we keep moving, but red lights are the WORST. She's also not a fan of wearing anything with a hood.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Welcome Baby Chesney - One Month

I know I've mentioned nothing about pregnancy, birth, or literally anything else for almost two years (!), but our perfect baby girl Chesney Lila was born on September 2nd and was 8 lbs 10 oz and 19.5 inches. I can't believe it's been a month by also I can. Kids make time so weird.

At her 2 week appointment she had already gained a half pound and somehow grown over 2 inches. She now weighs 10 lbs 6 oz and is 22.5 inches. Still wearing newborn clothes but just last night switched over to size 1 diapers. We ran out of newborn ones, but they were probably getting too small anyway.

Like her brother at her age, she refuses to sleep until 1 or 2 am if we're lucky. Completely ridiculous. I definitely lose my mind more often than not, so it's a good thing she's cute. In the last week or two she has started giving me at least a 3 hour stretch at night, and once even went about 5! It was glorious. Her first couple weeks she literally woke up every hour/hour and a half to eat and I was so happy Colby was home in the afternoons so I could take a nap!

Loves: Acting like she's hungry and freaking out 30 seconds after I start feeding her. She's usually really fussy at night and it's extremely hard to get her to sleep.

Being held. Holding her against my chest used to be the fool-proof way to get her to fall asleep, but she's grown out of that and now hates being held like that if she's fussy at all. But she does enjoy being held in pretty much all other ways.

Getting bounced/patted really hard on the back or bum. Sometimes I feel like I'm patting way too hard, but it's the only way she'll chill out sometimes.

Hates: She used to cry during baths, but lately she doesn't so I guess she doesn't hate them anymore!

I wouldn't say she hates the swing, but definitely doesn't love it like Dez did! Again, she has to be perfectly happy or already asleep before getting put in. It's not a tool we can use to calm her down.

So basically when she's fussiest I have absolutely no idea about what she's hating most in life.

All in all I'd say she's definitely a little more drama than her brother, but most of the time she's a pretty good baby and we're all obsessed.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Diaries of a Ghetto Extended Stay

And when I say "extended stay", I mean "place people live who have nowhere else to go". Which described our situation perfectly, so we were definitely in the right place.

When we first moved down to Orlando at the beginning of September, we knew we'd need some time to find a place to live and for Colby to find a job (kind of important). So I got a place on Airbnb for us to stay for a month. It was a pretty good price for a 1-bedroom apartment (glorified studio) in a decent neighborhood and it worked out pretty well for us. I thought by the time the month was up we'd have found an apartment. Unfortunately people don't like to rent you stuff unless you have income. Weird. So we didn't even seriously look for a place during that time because we knew it was pointless. We moved here in the first place for my job but that doesn't start until much later than we thought. (I finally start next week!)

So when September was ending I was trying to find another place we could go while Colby was interviewing for a few jobs. I didn't really want to commit to somewhere for another month since we were hoping we wouldn't need to stay somewhere that long. I found an extended stay that looked decent enough and had a good weekly price. Let's just say you definitely get what you pay for. 

We ended up staying there for 2 weeks and I have never been happier to leave a place! Here are a few highlights of our time there:

  • Apparently they assume you'll be fine without a blanket since it's Florida or whatever. There was a sheet on the bed and a "comforter" that was literally thinner than said sheet. Luckily our comforter was easy enough to get out of our storage unit!
  • We stayed in a non-smoking room and supposedly a smoke-free floor, but everyone and their mom was smoking everywhere you went. So we smelled like smokers ourselves (which we didn't really realize until we would leave) and when we finally got out for good, we had to wash the "clean" clothes that were just sitting in our suitcases twice to get the smell out. Side note: can you dry clean suitcases? Asking for a friend.
  • There was a good 24 hours where we didn't have hot water at all. Apparently the system went out and the closest replacement part was in Jacksonville. I feel like that's one of the top requirements of a hotel?
  • One night Colby was coming home from a temp job at about 1 in the morning and one of the "residents" walking around in the parking lot at the time (obviously) came up and asked him for money. That's what you want to come home to.
  • I was walking around the hallway with Dez one day and a guy said something to me in Spanish. I didn't think he was talking to me, but he came closer and asked me in broken English if I had a knife. He said he just needed to cut something. Good thing I always carry I knife around in my purse. Never know when it will come in handy!
  • That same day, we were near the lobby when I heard a lady yelling at another lady, calling her an effing whore among other nice things. It was because that lady was with her 7ish year old son who decided to just whip it out and pee on the floor of the lobby. The mom just kept saying there was nothing she could do because he just starting peeing and it wasn't her fault. I don't know I would have gone as far as the lady who called her a whore, but being his mom and all there are probably a few things she could have done! Good thing the desk lady saw it and cleaned it up, because the mom made no attempt to do anything about it. 
  • Oh, and there was a dead guy found in front of the lobby one night. Died of gunshot wounds. Nbd. We didn't even find out until a couple days later when they posted flyers asking us to call the police if we knew anything about it. Eeesh.
Again, I have never been so happy to leave a place.

So about the week after we first got to Florida, Colby interviewed for a job with a really great company, but they said the whole hiring process usually takes 3-6 weeks. I thought they were just saying that. They weren't. This past Monday Colby had his final interview with them after doing 3 or 4 evaluations and interviewing with about every manager of every department. They called him back that day to offer him the job! Best. News. Ever.

The very next day (our last day at the extended stay from hell) we went out and looked at places to live all day, hoping we'd be able to move in somewhere the very next day. By some miracle it worked and we were able to move in on Wednesday! It's beautiful and perfect and I love it so much.

Monday, June 29, 2015

12 Months

I can't believe at this time last year we were bringing the little guy home from a hospital. It's weird imagining my life before him and I couldn't be happier to have him in it! Things are much crazier obviously but he makes us so happy and this past year has been the best.

His birthday on Saturday was really fun and I felt like I got another birthday for myself! We filled his crib with balloons in the morning, went swimming, out to lunch, and then I had to go to work so we were planning on doing his cake today. But the game Saturday ended up getting rained out so I went back home but it was too late to make his cake, so we put a candle in a cookie. You're welcome.

Then the game Sunday got rained out too so I made his cake and we FaceTimed with both of our families while he went to town. Thank goodness for technology! His grandparents sent him some awesome presents and he had a pretty good time opening them even though he mostly wanted my camera.

Today was his one-year checkup and he got a total of 7 shots and finger pokes. I was freaking out as if it was myself getting the shots just like I do every time. Ahhh I hate it. But luckily he only cried during some shots and was done as soon as they were over. He was 31.5 inches and 24 lbs 3 oz. The first time she weighed him it was 14 pounds...I was wondering if we had gone back in time to when he was 2 months old. I'm glad I asked her to do it again!

A few weeks ago he just started taking off walking and he's finally starting to prefer it over crawling, though he does still crawl sometimes. It was the craziest thing just sitting there and all the sudden looking over and Dez is walking without being prompted. We practiced with him for a few days and now we can't stop him.

He says "mama", "dada", "hi", and he finally has started waving to people, but still only sometimes. He hasn't really caught on to that whole thing and we should probably get him checked. :) He also has started trying to put on his clothes, shoes, socks, and hats. But he also loves ripping his socks off.

He loves books, gold fish, cars, and acts like everything is a phone, including clothes. He sleeps for 12-13 hours (recently straight through thankfully!), and will happily play by himself in his crib for another half hour or so after he wakes up.

His favorite new thing is playing in the fridge. Colby always lets him when I'm not home and says it keeps him very entertained. Who needs cold food anyway?

 No one should cry on their birthday. No one should be forced into a photo shoot either. Sorry Dez!
 The best ones are always blurry!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

11 Months

Dez is seriously so much fun and we love getting to know his growing personality more and more. We've learned he can be pretty intense, and lately he's started making fists and either squeezes them until he starts shaking or he'll clasp his hands together and pull them apart while they're still squeezed really tight. I realize that description probably means nothing to you but I know what I mean so oh well. Bottom line is, as happy as that kid is, it's surprising at how often he seems angry!

I was telling Colby that I always think of him as a really happy kid, but most people probably wouldn't know it because he's all about the blank stare in public.

As far as eating goes, he loves any kind of crunchy stick-shaped snack. We've been giving him Trader Joe's apple cinnamon sticks and black bean sticks and he can't get enough. He also loves crunching them up in his hand and dropping the crumbs all over the floor. He loves quesadillas and anything that involves cheese of course.

He's mastered the sippy cup and actually prefers drinking out of my camelback water bottle. It's a lot heavier than the sippy so I was pretty surprised when he started tipping it up on his own. He still ends up with half of the water on his shirt from spitting it out, but at least he gets some water in when he isn't choking on it. Oops.

He loves to suck on washcloths in the bath and basically anything that involves drinking more water. We went to the pool last week and he just kept trying to drink the water the whole time, and he does that in the bath now too. He absolutely hates getting dressed after a bath, but we've learned we can distract him by smelling his feet and saying they're stinky. He thinks it's the funniest thing ever.

He loves going in his room and closing the door on me so he can play in peace. He never cries for me to open it (but don't worry, I do...eventually). He loves opening his drawers and pulling all his clothes out. He's started to mimic what we do more like he'll put the phone up to his ear (face) and try to brush his own hair (which CANNOT be tamed btw). We've started playing catch with a little ball a lot and he's getting pretty good at throwing it back.

A couple of times he's taken a few steps, but most of the time when we try he just wants to crawl. He stands by himself all the time though. Still two teeth on bottom and four on top. The outside two aren't all the way in though and have been that way for a while.

The pictures are becoming more and more of a hot mess but I swear we tried...

 His flash face cracks me up!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring Break Woo

Late posting this but what else is new? In April my mom came down to visit us for Spring Break! We had a blast showing her around our new home in the South. It's a shame she's probably the pickiest eater out there and she wasn't a fan of crawfish or any other adventurous Cajun food...but me and Colby ate like kings and finished whatever she didn't. No surprise. And her favorite thing we ate all week was Waffle House. She liked it so much that we went there twice. But I can't blame her, that place makes the best waffles I've ever had. (If anyone ever finds a waffle iron that makes super thin waffles like Waffle House, you could get it for me if you want.)

Here are some of the pictures from the week according to my mom's iPhone...

Easter weekend and I was determined to take Dez to an egg hunt. Colorful eggs covering a field is the best.
Holding the golden egg...
that won him this bike! I don't know how a hunt will ever live up to his first one. (I had no idea what the prize would be, but my competitive nature made darn sure we ended up with that egg. Suck it kids.)
LSU to see Mike the Tiger and the stadium

Cajuns baseball
Seafood gumbo and boudin balls

Avery Island and the Tabasco Factory
New Orleans!
bjdkahgtrjbvdesgftwa is that not the sweetest face?!

Dez warmed up to her quick and loves his Grandma! It was sad to see her go and it was really nice having her around. But we are excited to visit our families in Utah this summer!